The company CC BOIS S.A. was established in 1986. One year later, it then came to the foundation of Roger Lejeune SPRL a timber transport company with international licences.

Timber trade at first only when pure and transportation does actively, immediately started after the heavy windfalls of 1990 also with forest operations. The situation then put after storm this one for everyone involved a forestry exceptional situation but also simultaneously a great challenge. The management recognized the advantages of an immediate combination of timber harvesting, timber transport and timber trade fast.

The change of the pure timber trading company to a forest operations provider was performed with that.

By our own, modern fleet of machines we are able to offer the complete service of buying timber on stump, harvesting and forwarding up to the delivery of the round wood within shortest time, service from a hand just in time competently made. The company therefore cares about the complete logistics of round timber.